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Open Soul® Luminary Circle™

Are you seeking confident and consistent intuitive connection and soul activation?

Kate Patchett Presents

Calling All Visionary Entrepreneurs, Creatives, & Healers to Explore and Master:

An easy and fun framework to enhance and deepen your psychic soul system.





Have you felt...

Your intuition trying to come through, but you would love to be able to connect to it consistently and without question?  

That being able to tap more clearly into your intuitive guidance for others, would serve you in your personal life, business or work?  

Excitement and joy at the thought of being able to do energy healing work for yourself AND others?


- Knowing you've got all of the spiritual tools necessary to be able to joyously and safely do energy work.  

- Becoming your own oracle and healer with confident accuracy.  

- Consistently Connecting with spirit guides and Source wisdom from moment to moment for comfort, insight, and direction.  

- Shifting your spiritual practices and routines to bring you into better alignment with your psychic soul path so you can be a leading energy worker.

Does this excite your soul and make your heart leap?


Over the past five years, I've worked with many clients- both in person and online as an energy worker and soul mentor.

My experience with a variety of people at various stages of their personal and spiritual growth has shown me exactly what is needed to get you into consistent psychic frequencies with confidence and ease.

That's why I've created a fun and easy yearly membership for aspiring visionaries:


Luminary Circle

This membership is designed for your soul activation, expansion and success so you can maximize your spiritual gifts and lead with confidence.  

Here's what we'll cover: 


Incorporate conscious awareness and regular reflection into your routine  

Space and time for a supportive meditation practice that opens up a new way of being  

Ability to do a scan of your energy system

Align with and allow flow of the abundance you've desired


Know which "clairs" are your superpowers and hone them

Experience psychic insights happening with every thought, feeling, choice, and action  

Connect with and deepen intuitive knowledge for solace and clear direction  

Fully trust your Soul Support System and become your best self 


The truth of your being is free to feel, express, be seen and heard  

Enjoy being fluently intuitive and psychic

Be connected with your spirit guides and the ascended masters

Access ancestral wisdom and past life history


Skills to be able to send yourself a Source inspired healing  

Feel strong enough to handle whatever comes your way because of your insights

Command your spiritual gifts with joy and ease  

Make bold decisions and know your direction in your life and business

Let's take a little journey together to better understand where you're at and what you desire most for your life.

First Step: Refocus. Right Now.

You’re on the Boundary of Your Own Greatness

We go through life constantly experiencing input. Input from our minds, judgments from family, opinions from friends, stressors from work, expectations from within and outside of ourselves, unpredictable emotional reactions… It doesn’t leave a ton of space for processing, integrating, shifting, expanding, growing. and receiving. 

Where does that leave you? 

You might find yourself in a busy headspace with lots of fluctuation and stress factors. You may be setting the best of intentions only to be sideswiped by the unexpected, delayed by having to deal with something bigger than your spiritual development. Life throws some tough punches, and finding the time and space to dedicate yourself to Your Self can be difficult to say the least. All of those things that seem to get in the way don't need to have a hold on you any longer.

It's time to push past the edge you're cautiously waiting at. 


Then fousing on and investing in your soul energy and your soul body should be your number one priority, not last on the list. Not be that thing you always want to do more of, but don't because you're "too busy". That is like saying you're too busy to sleep and eat and breathe (which I know some people actually say!)

But seriously, refocus. Right Now. 

What I hear most from the women I’ve worked with is this:

 “I know I’ve got these abilities, I’ve taken some great classes, I’ve received and done some energy work. I KNOW I’M POWERFUL. But it feels just out of reach. Life keeps happening, and the spiritual work gets away from me. I meditate, but not as often as I’d like to. I try to be mindful, and I have made some progress with my intuitive abilities… but I don’t know how to access it all the time. How do I know what to trust? Am I making this up or is it truly psychic insight? I’m pretty sure it’s all real. I want to be able to do this healing work all the time so I can truly help people AND make a living from doing it. I want to show people what’s possible, how to feel good about themselves again. It would make me so happy to be able to do this work. ” 

These women are mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, healers, artists, authors- they come from all different backgrounds with the same struggle.

DO YOU....

 Know you have innate divine gifts? 

Want to be super confident in your spiritual, psychic skills?

Need to know HOW to get there?

Deeply desire to support others spiritually and earn a living?

Hear what my clients have to say...

Kind Words from Aubree:

“I ❤️ you. Your Open Soul Program has changed my life + perception completely. I'm incredibly grateful to be part of that evolution. If anyone is on the fence about it... Do it! You will not regret it!”

Second Step: Be the Conscious Observer

I Invite Your to Envision Your Future Self 

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you take a moment to reflect on your day so far. You recall your blissed out morning. You have created time for a sweet morning meditation, you did a thorough scan of your energy system and sent yourself a Source inspired healing, you moved your body to activate your soul flow and now in this moment of everyday life, you are poised and feeling strong enough to handle whatever comes your way. You’ve been able to maintain this routine for weeks, and you are noticing the psychic insights happening with every thought, every feeling, every choice, every action. 

Your awareness is heightened. 

You are the Conscious Observer of your life. 

This insight brings you solace and confidence, trusting your Soul Support System serves only the highest good. The truth of your being is free to feel, express, be seen and heard. Your intention of being fluently intuitive is your reality and everyone knows it. You’ve reached and surpassed your goals of becoming a cosmic visionary. It’s now your way of life. You are able to create your dream business as an energy worker and it's thriving. You are in flow with all of the abundance you've desired.

 Notice the details of your particular path. 

How does it feel to explore, expand, connect and command your spiritual gifts in this world? 

How does this impact your life work? What changes for you?

Hear what my clients have to say...

Kind words from Bethan:

“ I love this Kate 💜. I feel blessed to have been in your magical mastermind. My life has expanded in ways that I didn't think possible. Thank you for sharing such wonderfully unique and insightful teachings. 🌼🌻🌸”

Third Step: What It Takes

Being a Luminary Psychic Can Be Your New Normal 

In that envisioning exercise, you could see your future self excited and content. 

How do you get there? 

The Luminary Circle™ shows you What It Takes:  


FRAMEWORK: Having a solid foundation of knowledge about how your soul energy system functions is key to becoming fully aware of the intuitive messages you receive. Knowing how to ground, protect, perceive and receive will totally elevate your skills. 

Stop Searching. You've been wasting precious time wondering what to do next. Having the framework setup for you takes away the guesswork. Which do you want? Guesswork or Framework? 


EXTRASENSORY: Understanding the multiple lines of communication that you have set up with Source and then honing those abilities will enhance your psychic awareness in big ways. Practicing with and witnessing your own clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance will send your confidence soaring.  

Finally learn practical ways to increase your perceptions of the unseen existence that surrounds us. Everything is right within reach, you just need to understand that what you're picking up on intuitively IS the real deal... and be able to trust that fact.


GUIDANCE: Being able to easily and rapidly connect with your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters expands your knowledge base beyond the limitations of your human experience. This will make your energy sessions more powerful and allow you to begin connecting with pertinent past lives and ancestral information.  

Spirit guide contact is super validating, and once you experience that for yourself- a whole other world of psychic possibility opens to you. Let's get you totally connected with your soul crew. They are waiting for you to witness them.


LIFESTYLE: Aligning your body, mind, heart, and soul with your spiritual trajectory is super important. Utilizing self care as a purposeful mode for self healing is life changing. Being able to access your own soul wisdom in your everyday meditation practice will boost your wellness and your skills all at once. This leads to new opportunities and opens the pathway for the riches of life to flow in your direction with ease.

No more time burning. Maximize your free time for spiritually oriented self-care activities. This will make it possible for you to do your own self-healing work and eventually make it possible for you to hold sacred space and do healing sessions for others. All of the activities and experiences in this program will set you up for soul success, which means you'll have a routine you can rely on for inner strength, support and clear direction in your life and business.


- Knowing with Ease

- Becoming Totally Confident  

- Consistently Connecting with Source Energies 

- Shifting into being your own Oracle and Healer

Does this excite your soul and make your heart leap?


Hear what my clients have to say...

Fourth Step: Dedicate time and energy to Soul Work

The Luminary Circle™ Fast Tracks You to Completely Activating Your Spirit.

Your Membership in the Open Soul ® Luminary Circle™ 

Includes the Following: 

  • 12 months filled with channeled content designed to teach you the framework you need to develop awareness and deepen your intuitive skills so you can access you inner guidance system consistently with confidence through practice and spiritual lifestyle shifts. 

  • 4 Quarterly Envisioning Workshops: Witness your own future through a special guided session, take the time to record your findings, and schedule actions for the next 90 days. 

  • 12 channeled, guided visualizations and meditations to support the quarterly theme  
  • 12 training videos to develop your spiritual practices, enhance your extrasensory skills, connect with your guides, and create a new way of living as a soul being in the earth plane

  • 12 PDF workbooks to keep you on track, focused, and experiencing real changes in your abilities and cosmic connectivity 

  • 12 LIVE FB group sessions with Open Soul® coach, Kate Patchett for getting soul inspired guidance, connection, and visionary leadership 

  • 12 Months Access to the Members Only Open Soul® Luminary Circle community on Facebook 

  • 12 Months Access to the beautifully designed membership site  

  • Surprise guest experts to support and enhance your journey 

  • Special invites to future Open Soul® events and retreats  

Hear what my clients have to say...

Kind words from Cindy Ellen

“Kate your program has been such a pinnacle point of growth for me. I can't even imagine where I'd be right now without your support, guidance and teachings. I'm beyond grateful for you and the work you do. If anyone is craving deep soul growth and expansion, JUMP on the opportunity to get in her program. Like NOW”

Fifth Step: Commit to Your Self

It will take a little time, a little money, and a little effort to get you there

The Luminary Circle™ Commitment

Time: Once a week, receive a meditation, training, Live guidance, or workbook. The actions you need to take will require 10-30 minutes of your time per week.

The content cycles through 12 Months for the full experience.

Money: Just $49/month to get weekly content, monthly support, quarterly guidance

 Effort: You will need to show up, be engaged, take action, practice, implement, & integrate.

Also, Be Joyous!

It's streamlined. It's simple. It's super fun!

Is this a massive YES?!

JOIN the Luminary Circle™ Today


Hear what my clients have to say...


- the Luminary Healers. Energy Workers, and Soulpreneurs  

- the person who has already done a good amount of breakthrough work, knows herself, and is willing to crack her own spirit code to make progress  

- those who are already aware of and experimenting with their extrasensory abilities  

- the fearless and the faithful--- it takes courage to explore the vastness of your soul  

- the woman who is ready to make time for her spirit, so she can be a full expression of her divine self, stepping boldly into abundance and flow.


What kind of results can I expect?

This program is designed to make everything accessible and actionable. From the very beginning you will be setting the stage for a new way of living and interacting with your soul energy. It will be impossible to come away unchanged- as long as you actually participate and take action. All of teachings are channeled with you in mind. The outcomes will include incredible confidence, depth of psychic skill, and powerful connection with your higher self and Source. 

When does content arrive?

All of the meditations and trainings are pre-recorded. You’ll get a new audio, video, or journal download delivered once a month, four times a month- which you can listen to or watch at anytime. 

Membership Site Access Begins: Upon Signup 

Content Access Begins: 2 Days after Signup

What days/times are the FB Live Q&A's + Quarterly Envisioning Workshops?  

 The FB LIVE Sessions are on Wednesdays once/month, and will alter between 12pm Eastern and 7pm Eastern to accommodate multiple time zones. All videos will also be recorded and available in the Members Area if you can’t join in live.  

Envisioning Workshops will be scheduled prior to the end of each calendar quarter and as close to the Full Moon as possible. They will be recored Live via ZOOM. So. Much. Fun!

Can I cancel at any time?  

You can cancel any time. You won’t be refunded for the previous month, but whenever you cancel you won’t be charged again. You can cancel easily on your own within the Members Area of your account.

Will I be able to promote my business/offers in the Luminary Circle™ community?  

While the purpose of the circle isn’t promotion-focused, there will be a thread within the group from time to time where it will be encouraged that you share your offerings. The women within the community will be expanding and exploring their psychic gifts together, so it may come up that you will be able to offer practice readings, paid sessions ($100 or less), or packages related to business, marketing strategy, branding and other related topics.

Am I Awesome Enough for this?

Ok- You probably didn't ask yourself THAT. But... you are Enough. More Than Enough. You are able. You are talented. You are innately psychic- and just need a boost. Make the time for yourself. Devote the energy to enhancing your soul identity. This is where it all begins. It's not your back story or something meant to be left on the shelf. Your Soul Superpowers are meant to be front and center, so you can shine bright. ❤️


Kate Patchett is the founder of Open Soul®. 

Her talents as a visionary chakra healer have evolved through her own personal meditation practice, massage therapy education, kundalini yoga practice, and thousands of hours of personal and professional experience with the mind/body/soul interface of our existence.

Are you ready?

Why Kate?

🔥I have a really strong desire to support you in accessing and opening your core soul energy. This is my passion and mission. 

- I know that with my 12 years of experience in Purposely connecting to non physical, I can confidently guide you through the process of doing the same, no matter your level of ability so far. It's already within you, and I will show you how to master it. 

🔮I guide you through soul visualization and teach channeled techniques that build psychic confidence so you can become fully empowered to do healing work for yourself regularly.  

- With my unique techniques I'll share within our Open Soul® Luminary Circle, you will elevate your confidence in your physic, intuitive and healing connection - benefiting not only you, but your loved ones and clients as well. The possibilities are endless once you walk through these doors...

🎉This is what excites me most because I know that with each person who experiences my sessions and lessons, I’ll be able to create a vibrational shift that ripples ever onward in the world.

- It is my mission and passion to see you succeed in raising your psychic + healing abilities with confidence, because I know that together we will contribute to elevating the collective human experience. And to me, it doesn't get much more fulfilling or purposeful than this...